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Next-Generation Sequencing

High throughput sequencing has become a relevant technology in modern biology. LMMGe offers massively parallel DNA sequencing service using the Illumina GAIIx, HiSeq2500, NextSeq, MiSeq and Life technologies/Ion Torrent PGA next-gen sequencers. Key applications include:

  • DNA sequencing
    1. Whole-genome sequencing
    2. Targeted re-sequencing
    3. De novo sequencing
  • Transcriptome Analysis
    1. RNA-Seq
    2. Small-RNA-Seq
  • Gene Regulation Analysis
    1. Chip-seq
    2. DNA methylation


Array-Based Technologies 

  • Gene Expression
    The laboratory provides a comprehensive range of gene expression analysis services, including Agilent and Illumina microarrays
    1. Whole genome RNA expression profiling
    2. Global RNA expression profiling on FFPE or partially degraded samples (DASL Assay)
    3. microRNA Profiling  
  • Genotyping
    1. Golden Gate Genotyping Assay 
    2. Infinium HD Assay (IScan)
    3. Vera Code Golden Gate Genotyping Assay
  • DNA methylation
    Methylation assays provide quantitative methylation measurement at the single-CpG-site level, offering the highest resolution for understanding epigenetic changes

Real-Time PCR

The logical step after a microarray experiment is to validate by another technology the candidate genes that showed differential expression. The laboratory gives the possibility to do such validation by Real-Time PCR.

RNA Quality Testing

The verification of the RNA integrity and the concentration is mandatory for all samples to be used for expression analysis. RNA quality testing is performed using three platform: NanoDrop, Bioanalyzer and Qubit.


Bioinformatics support

The development of a massive parallel sequencer and microarray platform generate large data-sets that require equally complex and sophisticated databases and analyses tools. LMMGe provides assistance in experimental design and customized bioinformatics solutions for NGS and microarray data analysis


Confocal Microscopy

LMMGe is able to provide confocal microscopy services for departmental and non-departmental users, both on and off campus. Specifically, the facility houses a Leica TCS SP5 II inverted laser scanning confocal microscope